Dealing with Shin Splints

Shin splints is one of the most common type of lower leg pain. The excruciating pain it causes can bring your activities to a screeching halt whether you are an elite athlete, a busy parent or just someone whose lifestyle includes lots of walking or running. The pain usually occurs on the front, outside of the lower leg, beginning just below the knee. And it can be debilitating. Fortunately, there is a very effective way to prevent your body from having to endure the pain of shin splints and quickly begin to recover if this common runner's ailment regularly threatens to derail your day. Wear a shin splint compression sleeve.

What Are Shin Splints

What Are Shin Splints
Shin splints is an acute pain people feel in their shin and lower leg. This pain is commonly caused by engaging in prolonged running on hard surfaces. Many people experience shin splints as a throb or ache they feel in their shins after their daily run or when they are sprinting trying to catch a bus get to an appointment on time.
People can begin to suffer shin splints if they suddenly begin engaging in longer, more intense and more frequent workouts. Doctors call the condition medial tibial stress syndrome. It's caused by excessive stress on the shinbone itself as well as the connective tissues attaching the muscles to the bones. This stress can cause the muscles and tissue to become inflamed and painful.

How Shin Compression Sleeves Can Help

How Shin Compression Sleeves Can Help
Wearing a shin compression sleeve has the potential for both preventing and providing relief from shin splints. Whether you wear shin splint compression sleeves or shin splint compression socks, there are multiple ways both can provide relief for people suffering with shin splints. They include soothing the pain and reducing the inflammation associated with it. Even if you have chronic shin splints, which can be quite painful and difficult to deal with, wearing shin splints compression sleeve can make a dramatic difference. It's recommended as an effective treatment method to address both the pain and the inflammation.

1.Improved Blood Flow

One of the ways shin compression sleeves can help to prevent and treat shin splints is by improving and increasing the flow of blood to the area. Even when the condition is in its advanced, chronic stage, improved blood flow can help address its underlying causes. Covering the shins with a shin splint compression sleeve leads to better venous return. This can prevent the problem by increasing the temperature of the skin on the shins and helping athletes and others to warm up faster and be better prepared for the strenuous activities that often lead to the occurrence of painful shin splints.

2.Improves Performance And Recovery

Good shin splint compression sleeves can also play a significant role in improving the performance of athletes who suffer with shin splints and reducing the length of time it takes them to recover. Once again, the key is increased blood flow. The compression sleeves improve the circulation of oxygen-rich blood to the muscles and tissue and enhances both performance and recovery. Increased muscle oxygenation reduces lactic acid build up and helps to strengthen and stabilize the muscles and facilitates optimal performance and rapid recovery from painful shin splints.

3.Pain Prevention

The compression sleeves are designed to provide dynamic gradient compression. This keeps blood flowing through the muscles, tissue and tendons around the shin and keep them properly oxygenated. This prevents them from becoming sore, overworked, tired, swollen and painful. The shin splints compression sleeves constantly massage the muscles, tendons and tissue and keep them relaxed and properly stretched. This allows athletes and others to walk or run for long periods of time on any surface without irritating the shins. That's why wearing a shin compression sleeve is able to prevent painful shin splints.

4.Injury Prevention

Muscle and tendon fatigue and the stress of repeated trauma and the vibrations from walking, running, climbing or any other repetitive activity can lead to shin splints. Wearing compression sleeves can help prevent any of those things from happening. The sleeves compress the shins and reduces the impact the force of the foot hitting the ground has on the shins and lower legs by providing support and stability. Shin splint injuries are stress related. Reducing that stress, prevents micro tears in the muscles, ligaments and tendons and ensuring the muscles get an adequate supply of oxygenated blood is how the compression sleeves prevent injury.

5.An Effective Treatment

Pain, swelling and inflammation are common symptoms of shin splints. Compression sleeves are specially designed to address all three of those symptoms. The shin sleeves provide healing warmth as well as a steady supply of nutrient-rich oxygenated blood that promotes faster healing. The compression the sleeves provide is very effective in reducing swelling and inflammation and providing the support and stability necessary to keep the muscles in the lower leg in motion and promote healing. The sleeves also blunt and soothe the pain and help the shin splints to heal.

How The Sleeves Are Made
How The Sleeves Are Made

Many compression sleeves are produced using the some of the latest medical technology. Some companies even consulted with NASA to get their studied insight. The compression sleeves are produced using materials like nylon, elastane and lycra. They have a soft feel, great fit, superior compression and provide the support necessary to protect and heal the shins. Good modern compression sleeves are comfortable, lightweight, breathable, antibacterial, strong, flexible and are produced using cutting-edge technology and proprietary compression fabrics.

More Effective Than Ever

The latest compression sleeves are very effective for preventing and healing shin splints. They even provide protection from the sun's UV rays. Extremely durable, the compression sleeves retain their compression for years. Some feature increased airflow, moisture management and constant, graduated, 360° compression that improves circulation and leads to better shin splint prevention and faster recovery. The sleeves come in designs specially made for men or women and are available in a variety of sizes and prices.

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