The Advantages Of Compression Arm Sleeves

Almost any sport you look at or participate in these days, you see people wearing compression sleeves. While many people think athletes simply wear them because they look cool, nothing could be further from the truth. Wearing a compression sleeve actually provides a number of valuable benefits for athletes and the average person as well. The elasticity of the technologically advanced fabrics from which they are made, as well as the firm, gentle, constant, compression they provide, can improve the health and performance of the people who wear them.

1. Increases Blood Flow

Many sports and health studies have found the light, constant, squeezing action a compression arm sleeve provides can help to increase blood flow into the muscles and tissues. The sleeves cause the blood to circulate to the heart and back more quickly. For athletes and others with arm injuries, having more freshly oxygenated blood flowing through the bruised, tired or injured muscles and tissue rapidly can help to flush out metabolites, lactate, and hydrogen ions and remove the damaged blood cells from the area.

2. Stabilizes The Arm Muscles

Wearing compression arm sleeves can help stabilize the muscles in the arm. For an athlete or anyone else who uses their arms a lot, having the compression arm sleeves hold their muscles in place can provide a significant benefit. It enables the muscles to be used much longer before they become tired. That can give athletes a huge advantage over their competition. Having their arms take longer before getting tired can benefit people from all walks of life.

3. Faster Muscle Recovery

Athletes who wear compression arm sleeves benefit from having their sore muscles recover faster. Wearing the arm sleeves while playing and afterward can expedite muscle recovery. Compression sleeves help sore, overworked, muscles recover faster by enabling blood to circulate in them in greater volume. Having the sleeves fit properly and be made of the right fabric is important. That led to the development of separate arm sleeves for women and arm sleeves for men. This ensures each person gets the ideal amount of compression.

4. Improves Athletic Performance
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The increase in blood flow, stabilization of the muscles and warmth the sleeves provide can improve athletic performance. The sleeves help athletes to warm up faster and be ready to do their best. Wearing the sleeves also keep the muscles loose and relaxed throughout the athletic activity and gives them a competitive advantage. Good, powerful, fluid, arm motion can help athletes to excel. Having their arm muscles maintain a consistent temperature even when the weather is cold can help athletes perform better.

5. Helps Prevent Injury

The compression the sleeves provide stabilizes the arm muscles, holds them in place, provides valuable support and allows athletes involved in vigorous activities to prevent injury. Compression arm sleeves also help to prevent muscle tightness and soreness. This makes it less likely the wearer will get injured. The sleeves also prevent the muscles from getting micro-tears. Plus, because they're made of durable, high-quality material, the sleeves prevent athletes from getting skin rashes and 'rug burns' from falling on the playing surface.

6. Speeds Healing

Compression arm sleeves can help to speed the healing of injuries. The sleeves can limit or prevent swelling. Plus, the increased blood circulation they engender can help people recover from minor injuries faster. Even people with serious injuries and ailments like tendonitis, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and torn muscles and ligaments can heal faster by wearing the sleeves. The sleeves help by providing compression that improves the circulation of oxygen and nutrient-rich blood and preventing improper movement of the injured muscles, tendons, and ligaments. This quickens the healing process.

7. Reduces Pain

The technologically advanced fabrics used to produce compression arm sleeves delivers the ideal amount of elasticity and compression to reduce or eliminate the pain, swelling and discomfort of tennis elbow, golfers elbow, tendonitis and many other injuries with which athletes and others suffer. The sleeves can help to provide the relief people need. The firm but gentle pressure the sleeves apply helps to loosen up and relax the muscles and alleviate discomfort during athletic and other types of activities.

8. Reduces Swelling And Inflammation

Edema, swelling caused by excess fluid in body tissue, is a common condition athletes experience. It can be painful and impair their ability to perform at an optimal level. Wearing the sleeves to cover arms and lightly squeeze the muscles can reduce the swelling and inflammation caused by edema, hard physical contact, excessive use of the arm muscles, tendon, ligament, and muscle strains, pulls and tears or even salt retention.

9. Protection From Sun Burn

Compression arm sleeves provide protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun. This can help people involved in outdoor competitive sports as well as casual activities. Some of the sleeves are specially designed to protect people from sunburn. Those specialty sun protection sleeves are often made using moisture-wicking fabrics with an ultraviolet protection factor(UPF) of more than 50. Those sleeves help prevent overexposure to UV rays and are durable, comfortable and therapeutic. Any type of compression sleeve can provide a measure of protection from sunburn from the sun's powerful UV rays.

Proven Effectiveness

For the past few decades, compression arm sleeves have been growing in popularity among athletes in many different sports because of their proven effectiveness. It's clear to athletes and healthcare professionals the sleeves help to prevent injury, pain, swelling, stiffness, and discomfort and hasten healing. They also help athletes to warm up quickly and deliver peak performance. The sleeves can act as an elbow brace for people with golf or tennis elbow during practice sessions or in games. Some athletes even use the sleeves to cover arms that have inappropriate or offensive tattoos or draw attention to messages that raise awareness about diverse causes.

The Coolness Factor

For an entire generation of young athletes, wearing an arm sleeve has also become part of their signature style because it makes them look cool.

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